Benefits of the Montessori Method


Three year age span of children within the classroom - Older children teaching younger children, sense of community and builds self esteem.
Self correcting materials within the environment - Children learn through their own errors to make the correct decision versus having the teacher point it out to them.
Individual learning takes place within the environment - Montessori recognizes that each child learns at a different pace and allows that growth to take place.
Children are quiet by choice and out of respect for others within the environment - The Montessori classroom allows children to return to the "inner peace" that is a natural part of their personalities.
There is an emphasis on concrete learning rather than on abstract learning - Children need to experience concepts in concrete "hands-on" ways
It is a child-centered environment - All the materials are easily within the child's reach and placed on shelves at their levels. The tables and chairs are small enough for the children to sit comfortably while the pictures and decorations are placed at the children's eye level.
The children work for the joy of working and the sense of discovery - Children are natural leaders or "sponges" and delight in learning new tasks. Their interests lie in the work itself rather than in the end product.
The environment provides a natural sense of discipline - The "ground rules" or expectations of the child are clearly stated and are enforced by the children and the teachers.
The environment is "prepared" for the children - Everything in the room has a specific place on the shelf. Children are orderly by nature and having the room set this way allows them to grow in a very positive way.
The teacher plays a very unobtrusive role in the classroom - The children are not motivated by the teacher, but by the need for self development.
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