Our Astro turf playground offers a range of stimulating equipment.



We offer the following extra activities after school hours

  • Dance Mouse
  • Computer for kids
  • Speech and Drama
  • Nritya Dance (Kathak & Bollywood)
  • Karate
  • Miki Maths
  • Playball
  • Soccercise Starz
  • Ballet
  • The Importance of Playtime

    Playtime is NOT wasted time. Children need unstructured time to play and explore without adult interaction in order to develop social independence and creativity. This does not mean children run around unsupervised and unmonitored. Unstructured play means that a child directs their own playtime and entertains him/herself.

    Today, children spend their time in highly structured, adult-lead activities (soccer, baseball, ballet, etc) or in passive activities like television and video games. This structure needs to be balanced with some free play where the child’s mind can wander and explore in its own way.
    The outdoors is the perfect place to promote a child’s free play. Nature provides a variety of sounds, colors, textures, and places for children to discover. These are opportunities for children to learn problem solving skills, motor-function, social-skills, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.


    Our classroom atmosphere encourages social interaction learning, peer teaching and emotional development. Our beautiful spacious classrooms are fully equipped with all the montessori materials. Everything in our classroom is geared to the child, creating a child sized world. The materials are proportionate to the child’s abilities, not overly simple, challenging but never presenting an impossible goal. Our environment is carefully prepared to give the child a safe place in which he/she can explore, experiment and learn. Our tailored environment allows the child to proceed at his/her own pace from simple activities to complex ones.

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